Trading, Distribution and Marketing

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This is a highly innovating and dynamic sector and therefore, adaptable to the changing tastes of consumers.

The present trend of health and physical look concerns have led the industry to use funds for research and development in order to launch into the market new, more nutritious and healthier products, with lower lipids contents and lower amounts of fat and sugar. New products with an added value are presented enabling more balanced recipes, such as wholemeal products, with seeds, etc.

People do not want to give up indulging themselves is good food and therefore, flavours play a very important role to adapt to al these changes.

Features of flavours for bakery

The industrial cakes and pastries sector requires flavours to remain stable at high temperatures to compensate the loss of volatile compounds and the loss of the flavour’s fresh note.

Furthermore, we must bear in mind that the ingredients of the end product (carbohydrates, fat, etc.) can affect the flavour’s organoleptic characteristics.


Buns (without filling, with filling and coated)

Industrial cakes and pastries

Industrial bread products


Sweet snacks


Bread: 0.10%

Snacks: 0.40%

Toppings: 0.12%

Cream fillings: 0.12%

Cookies: 0.20%

Sponge cakes: 0.16%

Sponge cake with filling: 0.16%