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The confectionery industry has traditionally been a children’s and youth’s product market with classic flavours and is now present in the adult market which is experiencing an increasingly international expansion.

At present, the most dynamic segment is found in adults looking for an added value (for instance, sugar-free or healthy products).

Features of flavours for confectionery

There is a great variety of sweets and each type requires a specific process and aromatisation.

The success of our flavours is achieved by perceiving the preferences and developing the flavours that lead the confectionery market.

The flavours designed for this sector range from the renowned classics to the blending of the most innovative flavours.


Soft sweets (marshmallows, jelly beans)
Chewing gum


Liquid sweets: 0.20%
Chewing gum: 1.60%
Soft sweets: 0.16%
Liquorice: 0.20%
Jelly: 0.06%
Candies: 0.08%
Gumdrops: 0.20%