Trading, Distribution and Marketing

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Diet products have been consolidating their influence in the food industry for some years.

As the demand builds up, there is also an increase of the product offer and distribution channels (chemists, natural products and herbalist shops, supermarkets).

There is a varied offer for existing diet products in the market, from dietetic food, diet complements and preparations for athletes to formulations for people with metabolic disorders such as diabetes or celiac disease.

These products are available in different formats from snacks, bars, biscuits, cereals, pre-cooked food, compotes or milkshakes.

For the diet products market, we offer both salty and sweet flavours in all types of formats, liquid and powder.

From the well known classics to the most innovative flavours, we have a wide range of standard flavours besides those tailor-made.

Features of flavours for diet products

Depending on their application, flavours designed for diet products must have specific characteristics.

Formulas with high allowances of protein and carbohydrate or food containing sugar substitutes or gluten-free are some of the special features flavourists must bear in mind when designing these flavours.


Syrup 0.02%
Milkshake 0.03%
Ready-to-eat food 0.03%
Snacks 0.03%
Biscuits 0.10%
Ice cream 0.05%