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Fillings, coatings and toppings

In this section we include all kinds of flavours for use in fillings, coatings and toppings used in bakery and pastry.

The main products in the FILLINGS’ industry are the following:

-    Fat based creams: injecting creams, coating creams, creams to Spreads, creams to decorate and pralines
-    Watery based cream: creams to decorate, Reddy to use, cake finishing, semi-cold or freezing mousses. The application is by injection into already baked products and bakery pieces
-    Jellies
-    Coatings with vegetable fat: Cocoa, milk and toppings
-    Chocolate coatings


Features of flavours for confectionery

Given the different applications, flavours developed for this sector must be stable at high or low temperatures, freezing processes, fermentation and baking.

Although the flavour of these products is not especially difficult in general, we must take into account its stability in the different manufacturing processes.

For instance, creams are relatively simple to flavour with respect to heat processes

In general flavours can be added at the final stage of the process to prevent flavour losses in long temperatures processes.

The flavours for this sector include a lot of different flavours: nuts (hazelnuts, almonds), citrus (lemon, orange, mandarin), fruit flavours (strawberry, banana, blueberries, pineapple), sweet flavours (vanilla), coffee flavours, dairy products (creams, butter, milk) and spicy aromas.


Chocolate: 0.10%

Creams: 0.04%

Fat based creams: 0.12%

Chocolate coatings: 0.06%

Jellies: 0.06 %

Pralines: 0.10%

Margarines and butter: 0.08%