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Under the name of ‘Savoury’ we include all types of salty flavours for different applications. The main salty flavours are all varieties meat flavours (cooked, stewed, raw), fish, fried, greasy, alliaceous (onion, garlic), smoked, spicy and cheese flavours.

The savoury flavour market is wide, varied and has multiple applications, from sauces and condiments to frozen products, meat products, ready-meals, snacks and soups.

The fact that consumers have less time to cook, added to the demand of full flavour healthy cooking has challenged our flavourists and creative staff to develop innovating solutions to meet the increasingly demanding market expectation. We supply salty flavours in all types of formats, liquid, powder and paste.

From classic to multi-ethnic flavours, we offer a wide range of standard flavours besides those tailor-made.

Features of "Savoury" flavors

Depending on their application, salty flavours must have specific characteristics. The combination with certain ingredients, enduring high temperatures (as the ready-meals) for microwave oven), modifying the predominant character of the food base or simulating the effect of the different cooking or curing methods (the latter in case of meat products), are some of the special features flavourists must bear in mind when designing these flavours.


Frozen products
Meat products
Ready-to-eat food


Broth: 0.01-0.02%
Burgers: 0.01%
Burgers without meat: 0.04%
Sauces: 0.01%
Cream sauces: 0.03%
Snacks: 0.03%
Soups: 0.02%