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Flavoured tea is the general name for any tea to which an additional flavour has been applied. While any tea can be a flavoured, the more popular varieties for flavouring are black and green. Tea leaves are very permeable to flavours. Great improvements have been made in flavouring technology, making it possible to create nearly any flavoured tea imaginable.

Flavouring tea leaves is not simple. Liquid flavour can be spread directly onto tea leaves, but this may cause oxidation and evaporative losses. Evaporative losses are particularly problematic for fruit flavours, and oxidation is disastrous for most citrus flavours, especially lemon.

Earl Grey tea, which is predominantly bergamot-based, is the only popular tea flavour that can be spread on tealeaves with relative success. Bergamot oil contains few oxidizable terpene hydrocarbons, and the major components, linalool and linalyl acetate, are relatively non-volatile.

Powder flavours are also used for a most comfortable and homogeneous mixture with tea leaves.

Additionally to aroma, it is possible to create attractive new blends by adding pieces of fruit, peels, petals, leaves and spices.