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gelatine in desserts

Water jellies/Gelatine desserts

The powder mix prepared with gelatine, sugar, acids, salts, colors and flavors is a very common preparation around the world, using water or milk.
Gelatine works as a gelling agent, binding water and forming a transparent gel.
Thanks to gelatine, water jellies/gelatine desserts are elastic, soft, bright and gives a cohesive texture.
They are easy to prepare and benefit from a short setting time.
With a melting point near the body temperature, gelatine gives the products a particular and very pleasant mouthfeel and also produces good flavor release.
To create different products, fruit, air, vitamins and amino-acids can be added while water can be totally or partially replaced by milk or cream.
Water jellies can be prepared with both alkaline and acid gelatines, each type yielding similar products.

Water Gel dessert

A Water Gel dessert is composed mainly of:

  • Gelling agent: gelatine (preferably pigskin or bovine hide)
  • Sweeteners: sucrose, dextrose, polyols, intense sweeteners
  • Acids: citric, fumaric, malic. Acid is not necessary to form a gel, but is recommended for flavor release
  • Colorants: must be stable in hot condition and at low pH, available in dry form for powdered mix
  • Flavor: available in dry form for powdered mix
  • Buffer: sodium citrate, sodium/potassium tartrate
  • Anticaking: phosphates

All components must be of similar particle size to ensure a homogeneous mix. For that matter Rousselot Gelatine is available in 30 or 40 Mesh.
Hygroscopicity is a current problem on this kind of products. The choice of raw materials with a minimum of hygroscopicity and the correct packaging barrier is the key to solve this problem.

Gelatine’s Bloom is responsible for the dessert’s final gel strength while Gelatine’s viscosity takes importance for the kinetics of gelification.

Gelatin doses:

  • Standard water gel: 1.8-2.0% of 225 Bloom gelatine in final preparation
  • Sugar-free water gel: 2.0-2.4% of 175 Bloom gelatine in final preparation

Aerated and Two-layer desserts

Using an electric beater, air is added to a gelatine + water + sugars solution. If beating time is short then a two-phase dessert is obtained: water gel + foam phase. When cooled, a very nice combination of textures (soft and elastic) is obtained.

If beating time increases, the foam becomes stable and there is no “de-beating”. Then, entire foam is obtained with a very soft texture and good air distribution.

Two / Three-layer desserts

This product is prepared using two pouches. We’ve worked with product’s density and cold water quantity to add. This allows having one phase cooled down more rapidly, leting the second phase separate clearly from the one already served.

A nice combination of colours and flavours can be obtained, making this dessert very attractive, mostly for kids.

Milk Gelatine

Milk gelatine is a product that already exists in some countries as Brazil. It is exactly the same as a traditional Water Gel, only replacing the water by milk. It is normally found in the market “ready to eat”, served with different types of sauces (chocolate, strawberry).        

Standard water gel: 1.8-2.0% of 225 Bloom gelatine in final preparation.