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Low Aerated Sugar confectionery

Here we distinguish 3 different confectionery types, fruit chews, toffees and nougat. For each of these, low concentrations of gelatine are used    (0.5 – 3 %) and low aeration is performed.

Fruit Chew

These confectionery products are characterized by a low aeration, a high total soluble solids and incorporation of fats. Gelatine is used in these products for its foaming action, to improve chewability (high or low chewability depending on the type and concentration of the gelatine used), to improve fat dispersion (gelatine forms a thin protective film around the fat globules and prevents them from coalescing) and to control crystallization of the saccharose.


Toffees are manufactured from a mixture of milk, sugar, glucose syrup, fats and flavors, to which a “frappé” can be added after concentration of the sugars. A small quantity of gelatine is used to improve fat dispersion and to stabilize the texture of soft toffees.


Nougat comprises a mixture of sugars, glucose syrup, in certain cases honey, invert sugar and fats, with the addition of a “frappé” after concentration. Gelatine is a component of this “frappé”, and is used to stabilize the texture of the finished product.