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Because of all its functionalities, gelatine is an ingredient of choice to bind, thicken or stabilize sauces:

- Gelatine can absorb up to 10 times its own weight and can therefore behave as a effective water-binding agent and thickener.

- The emulsifying properties of proteins and more particularly of gelatine are important for stabilizing emulsions.

EmulsiGel™ : Excellent emulsifying and stabilizing properties

This innovative gelatine for which a patent has been filed opens up new horizons for the sauce industry:

  • It acts both as an emulsifier and a stabilizer in an oil-in-water emulsion.
  • It is easy to dissolve and to use
  • It is a clean label ingredient

EmulsiGel™ is an ingredient of choice to achieve sauces having a perfect texture and mouthfeel, a good stability and no e-number.

Egg-free Mayonnaise

Rousselot has successfully used EmulsiGel™ to develop an egg-free mayonnaise that had similar quality, taste and texture to a traditional mayonnaise. EmulsiGel™ provides the emulsifying capacity and stability usually conferred by the eggs. Replacing eggs with gelatine also helps extend product shelf life. As a natural ingredient, gelatine benefits from a clean label. For this specific application, EmulsiGel™ is an effective solution to the problem of catering for people with egg allergies. It can also help tackle the egg shortage in Europe.